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Dinosaurs, Rockets, and Cars

I'm just gonna say it...these are things that boys will probably like.
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Create a Construction Center In Your Home

A Construction Center is a great place for kids to engage in building activities with LEGO, Tinkertoys, craft supplies, or Lincoln Logs. Here's how to make one.

An Out of This World Solar System Project

The process of creating this scale model will stick with your child... into infinity!

Film Canister Rocket

What's cooler than an explosion? Not much! This simple science experiment lets kids build their own pop rocket. So put on your safety goggles and let her rip.

Make a Galaxy Mobile

Pair a planetarium visit with this fun art project that mimics the look of far-off galaxies.

Create a Fossil!

This activity works well with a group or just with a parent and child, and it can make a great party game since it's both fun and inexpensive.

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