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Juice Box Police Radio

It's always fun to recycle household items into something great. Here's a quick and easy way to turn a used juice box into a police radio for hours of play!

Family First Aid Kit

Enlisting the cooperation of your teenager to help prepare your household for an emergency is the perfect way to get set, fast.

Cut-Out Masks: Policeman

Play pretend with this cut-out police officer mask. Your child will color in this DIY police officer mask, before it's cut out and tied to perfection.

X Marks the Spot: A Fire Escape Game

Let your child help you create a fire escape plan poster to hang in the house in case of an emergency!

Write a Safety Rules Manual

Give your child a chance to review his knowledge of safety and show off his writing skills at the same time by writing a safety manual to share at home.

Color the Friendly Doctors

This coloring page is just what the doctor ordered!

Color a Career: Doctor

This doctor coloring page shows your child a person with a great career. Help your child dream big by showing him this career-focused doctor coloring page.

Friendly Fireman Coloring Page

Color in the stripes on this fireman's uniform with the brightest crayon you have, so he can be easily seen at night or at the scene of an emergency.

Paper Dolls: Firefighter

No fires to put out here - just playtime with a female firefighter paper doll!

Transportation Coloring Page: Police Car

This transportation coloring page features a police car racing down the road.

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