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Salad Bowl Mixup!

Differentiating between different kinds of objects, and sorting healthy veggies from candy, are both important skills for young learners.

Missing Numbers: 1-5

Does your child need a lift with his counting skills? This elevator-themed worksheet is about counting and finding the numbers in a series.

Missing Numbers: 5-10

This caterpillar has been munching numbers instead of leaves! He's lost some of the numbers, but which ones?

Connect the Numbers

Help your kindergartener connect numbers with quantities with this matching worksheet.

More or Less: Practice Comparing Numbers

Introduce your child to basic inequalities with this worksheet that challenges him to count up the objects in each group and decide which has fewer or more.

Ice Cream Measuring Activity

Partake in this ice cream measuring activity by finding the height of each ice cream cone. Simply count the number of scoops per cone to find the answers!

Alien Measuring Activity

These alien buddies are all different heights, can you tell which is tallest? Help your child learn about height with this measurement sheet.

Length and Width: Measure Space

Cut out the inch ruler and measure length and width of the objects related to space. Your kindergartener will go galactic with our fun and simple worksheet!

Comparing Weights

Do you know how much you weigh? Introduce your kindergartener to the concept of measurement by weight with this fun comparison worksheet.

Sort and Count Fruits

How many different kinds of fruit do you see? Help your child learn to sort and count objects with a fun coloring activity.

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