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Multicultural Food

I'm a vegetarian, but the rest of my family eats meat, which makes it hard to find a happy medium when it's my night to cook. I often look to other cultures for new and interesting flavors to keep the rest of the fam interested. Here are our favorite worldly (and veggie!) recipes from this site.
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Homemade Hummus

With so many high fat snacks on the market, eating healthy can be tricky. Help your child make a low fat snack with little more than a can of chick peas!

Korean Pancakes

Make Korean vegetable pancakes with your child! This dish is delicious way to get your child cooking as you introduce her to recipes from different cultures.

Bento Box Lunch

Your child will look forward to lunchtime with this artistic reinterpretation of the same old cold lunch.

Make Sushi at Home!

Learn how to make sushi at home, and turn dinner into a social studies lesson for everyone.

Tomato Penne

This quick and easy pasta dish is loaded with sweet grape tomatoes and vitamin-packed red pepper pesto.

Crepe Recipe

Get your kids involved in the kitchen by making crepes with your choice of toppings in this fun fourth grade cooking activity.

Rice and Peas

Get your child cooking with this easy side dish from the Bahamas.

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