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Fairytale Coloring Pages

All of my favorite coloring pages, worthy of a Happily Ever After ending!
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Greek Gods: Hades

Did you know Zeus had a brother? His name is Hades, and he is God of the Underworld. Color him in, and learn a bit more about him!

Color Dorothy and Toto

There are lots of colors to choose from the The Wizard of Oz: the yellow brick road, the Emerald City, and the silver (yes, silver!) slippers.

Magic Lamp Coloring Page

No matter what your dream is, draw it in the space provided. Maybe one day it will come true!

Kolobok Part II: The Hare

Enjoy part two of this fun Russian folk tale, about Kolobok the little ball of dough, created accidentally by an old woman.

Mad Hatter Coloring Page

Celebrate your un-birthday with this Mad Hatter coloring page!

Rewrite the Fairy Tale Ending

What happens after the prince and the princess get married? This writing activity allows your child to answer that question for herself.

Goldilocks Coloring Page

Color this scene from the story of the Three Bears, as they discover Goldilocks!

Color Pegasus in Flight

Pegasus helped a lot of gods and heroes get around, from Bellerophon to Perseus and even Zeus himself.

Color Beauty and the Beast

A Beauty and the Beast coloring sheet for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Sleeping Beauty Coloring Page

This Sleeping Beauty coloring page features her catching some zzz's as her Prince leans in to wake her with love's true kiss.

Knight and Dragon Coloring Page

This knight and dragon coloring page displays an exciting dragon fight, one that will surely keep her riveted in her seat as she adds color!

Wizard Coloring Page

This wizard coloring page is fun for your the child who loves magic or the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

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