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the letter g

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Practice Tracing the Letter G

First, kids trace lines on this prekindergarten writing worksheet to strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form the letter G. Then they trace the letter G!

G is for Grasshopper

Hop on up to this alphabet series, where G is for grasshopper, A is for armadillo, and the letters all introduce an animal!

Words That Start With G

Help your child get to know the alphabet with this list of words that start with G.

Alphabet Practice: G

G is for grapes! Practice writing the letter G then draw and label two objects beginning with G in the space provided.

Get Ready for Reading: All About the Letter G

Grab your preschooler's attention with the letter G! This charming worksheet gets her familiar with the letter that starts words like go, green, and gift.

Write the Letter G

How many grapes are there in the bunch? To find out, your child will need to practice writing the letter G!

Find the Letter G: Higglety, Pigglety

How many G's does the hen have in her nursery rhyme? Kids find and count each letter G in the rhyme on this kindergarten reading worksheet.

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