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Igloo Picture

Here's a great activity to help them satisfy their snow play cravings in a cozy indoor setting. They can create their very own igloo picture!

Cute Snowman

This snowman's not abominable, he's adorable! Your child can bring her very own snowman to life while practicing how to create texture.

Winter World

This winter world craft will introduce your kid to pointillism, a technique in which dots are used to create a recognizable image.

Build an Indoor Igloo!

You don't need to head to the Arctic to experiment with life in an igloo. Kids can build their own ice igloo at home from water and empty milk containers.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee filter snowflakes are an easy winter craft and a good way to involve children of all ages in holiday decorating.

Ice Skates

This pair of ice skates won't get you very far on ice, but they'll still dazzle during the coldest season of the year.

Reindeer Hat

This reindeer hat is cute and festive for your child during the holiday season. Make a reindeer hat this Christmas with your child.

Christmas Cookies ... For the Birds!

Your first grader will love feeding his favorite winged creatures with these tasty Christmas "cookies" for birds!

Make a Paper Plate Reindeer

This activity spotlights everyone's favorite reindeer, Rudolph, and preserves your child's handprints in his "antlers".

How to Make a Paper Snowflake

Learn how to make a paper snowflake with these simple instructions. Help your child learn how to make a paper snowflake with only paper and scissors.

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