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Number Order and Skip Counting

first grade level
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Skip Counting: Let's Practice!

Packed with skip counting practice, this sporty worksheet builds number sense and paves the way for future multiplication skills.

Counting Challenge: 1-50

Can your first grader count from 1 to 50? Test his counting and writing skills with this colorful printable.

Number Order: What Comes After?

How well does your kid know number order? Test his skills with this number sequencing worksheet.

Order of Numbers

Help your first grader refresh her understanding of the order of numbers with this practice quiz.

Grouping Objects: Odd and Even Numbers

In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying odd and even numbers by grouping objects into odd or even-numbered groups.

Number Order

Encourage your kid to solve these number sequencing riddles by figuring out which number comes before and after.

Number Patterns: Find the Pattern

Sharpen your first grader's number sense with an exercise in recognizing number patterns.

Missing Numbers: Ice Is Nice

Kids find the missing numbers to complete the iceberg grid. This first grade math worksheet offers practice counting whole numbers to 100 and counting by fives.

Duck Mouth: Greater Than or Less Than?

The signs for greater than or less than can be tricky to learn. Make it easy by comparing the signs to a duck's mouth

Missing Numbers: Counting the Odds

Help your child practice his counting skills with this printable worksheet, which will help him identify odd numbers.

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