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When I Grow Up: Learning About Careers

I really want my daughter to start dreaming about what she wants to be when she grows up. These worksheets are a great place to start.
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Veterinarian Coloring Page

Encourage your child to dream big with these career coloring pages, like this veterinarian coloring page.

Farmer Coloring Page

Learn about the career of a dairy farmer with this coloring page. Try this dairy farmer coloring page with your child.

Career Paper Dolls: Scientist

If your child loves to ask "why"?, she'll love this scientist paper doll.

Filmmaker Coloring Page

Encourage your child to dream of the future with career pages like this movie coloring page which features filmmaking jobs.

Hairdresser Coloring Page

This career-focused worksheet is a hairdresser coloring page. Show your child a potential future career with this hairdresser coloring page.

Ballet Coloring Page

This ballet coloring page is a great way to encourage your prima ballerina in training.

Color a Career: Musician

This musician coloring page introduces your child to a creative and fun career. Learn about a great career with this musician coloring page.

Pilot Paper Doll

If your child yearns to explore the wild blue yonder, then she'll no doubt love these paper dolls.

Teacher Paper Doll 1

if your child loves to impart knowledge and has no fear of public speaking, she'll appreciate this teacher paper doll.

Doctor Paper Doll

If your child is good at taking care of others, inspire her with this doctor paper doll.

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