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When You're Happy and You Know It: Parenting Tips I Love

You know, when it's's really good.
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Unplug Yourself with a "Little House" Dinner

Plan a family dinner based on the "Little House" books, and encourage reading in the household!

Take a Mini-Camping Trip!

For the family that loves the outdoors, try this family surprise: take a backyard "staycation." It's unique, and inexpensive!

Question Mark Coloring Page

Can your first grader find all the question marks lost in the farm and corral them to safety?

Parent/Child Communication

Read to learn how parent-child communication can be verbal or nonverbal, positive or negative, effective or ineffective.

Involved Parents: The Hidden Resource in Their Child's Education

Here are some recommendations from The National Education Association, for parents to become more involved in their child's education.

Good Parenting Basics

ABC stands for always be consistent. This article discusses the ABC of good parenting. Parents should always be consistent, positive, praise good behavior,

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