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Things that Make My High Schooler Think I'm Cool

These are crafts I love doing personally, and also make me look like someone my oldest might want to hang out with.
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Make Fortune Cookie Invitations

Show your high school-aged child an offbeat way to let her friends know their future includes a party: fortune cookie cards!

T-Shirt Tote Bag

Go green and make a stylish tote bag out of a T-shirt.

Make Hardware Jewelry

Help your teen use scrap hardware to make punk-style jewelry that lets her own unique style shine.

Living Room Letterpress

Here's a DIY arts and crafts project that has your teen constructing a letterpress to make her own gorgeous, unique art prints!

Recycled T-Shirt Skirt

Your kid will practice measuring, cutting and basic stitches by recycling an old t-shirt into a a cute skirt using simple sewing techniques.

How to Make a Paper Lantern

Create a beautiful pop-up paper lantern and will serve as the perfect decoration at your next party.

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