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Back to School Blues Kit

My son's got the blahs about going back to school in a couple weeks. In tooling around the site, I found these great activities and resources that try to make back to school something of a celebration.
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Create a Classroom Pop-Up Book

Make going back to school fun with this surprising pop up book, perfect for first graders!

Lunch Box Recipes: 3 Basics Kids Can Bake Themselves

Sure, sandwiches are fine. But why not enlist your child to help create their own lunchbox entree with these three easy baking recipes?

Find the Hidden Back to School Words

Get your child excited about the new school year with a back to school-themed word search.

Unique Gear for the New School Year

We've done the Back to School shopping so you don't have to! Here's the best gear...whether your kid's heading off to kindergarten, or heading off to college.

Make a "Study Time" Door Hanger

Help your child get ready for back to school with this fun fifth grade activity, which has him creating an "I'm Studying" door sign.

Create a "Back to School" Scrapbook

Here's an arts and crafts activity to help your child put together his own "Back to School" scrapbook.

15 Great Family Snack Ideas for Back to School

Make a healthy self-serve station in your refrigerator and have control over what your family is snacking on. Start by making these delicious snacks!

Make a "First Day" Photo Book

Make a photo book to provide a reassuring guide for your child's first days and weeks of school.

Make a Homework Caddy Kit

For kids who prefer to do homework flopped on a rug, this practical caddy can make all the difference!

Make Back to School Business Cards!

Looking for a unique arts and crafts activity that gives some writing practice? Help your child make her own back-to-school business cards!

Coping with the End of Summer Bummer

Here are some expert tips for helping your child overcome debilitating emotions and enjoy a positive back to school start.

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