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Writing Decimals in Expanded Form

This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #1

Kids have the answers to these decimal subtraction problems, but they need to come up with the rest of the terms in the equation.

Darting Decimals #3

It's time for another game of darting decimals, and your child is the scorekeeper! Can he keep track of the points and determine the winner?

Darting Decimals #4

As your child plays scorekeeper for an exciting darts game, he'll need to put his decimal knowledge to work--because all the scores are in decimals!

Rounding Numbers with Decimals

Help your fifth grader build his decimal knowledge by challenging him to round decimals to the nearest hundredths or thousandths place.

Barber Shop Decimal Round Off #5

In this worksheet, your child will practice rounding decimals to the tenths and hundredths.

Subtracting Decimals

Don't let your student get derailed by decimals! This supplemental sheet will help him practice subtracting with decimals.

Barber Shop Decimal Round Off #4

Rounding off decimals may seem like a challenge, but this worksheet makes it easy!

Garage Sale Math

This challenging worksheet is a great way to boost math skills like percentages, money knowledge, and complicated addition.

Rounding Decimal Places

Encourage your fifth grader to tackle this concept by practicing rounding decimals to the nearest tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

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