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Candle Lit Energy

Science fair project which measures the amount of heat energy released by a burning candle by calculating how many calories of heat it emits.

Salt Water Energy

Science fair project in which you will create your electricity by making a homemade battery using salt water, a nail, and a copper wire.

Solar Oven Design

A great science fair project on solar oven design that helps kids learn about solar power and solar heating.

The Science of Human Error

In this experiment, you will find out how human error can cause faults in any science task. This includes experiments conducted by famous scientists also.

Testing Glucose Levels

Science fair project that determines which foods and drinks contain the highest amount of glucose.

Turning Hand Warmers into Hot Ice Sculpture

This experiment provides a graphic illustration of the chemical reaction that occurs when you activate a hand warmer.

Hydrophobic Sand

In this experiment we use Scotch Guard to make sand that resists water.

Laser Jet Toner: a Magnetic Fluid

In this experiment, you experiment with laser jet toner, a magnetic fluid, as it moves, bubbles, and forms unique shapes.

An Alternative to Road Salt

Science fair project which conducts a formal scientific investigation to evaluate different methods of melting roadway ice.

Efficient Solar Energy

Science fair project that examines learn how the angle of incidence affects the efficiency of solar panels. How does a solar cell work?

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