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these are areas he needs to explore not in a workbook.
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Multiplication Color by Number: Chameleon 5

Featuring a chameleon and coloring activity, this worksheet is the antidote to boring math practice. After the math, your kid can color to his heart's content.

Patterns: Bead Necklace

The beads on the necklaces on this prekindergarten math worksheet appear in patterns. Kids study each pattern to determine which bead should come next.

Patterns: Party Lanterns

On this prekindergarten math worksheet, kids help decorate by hanging lanterns in a pattern. Kids study each pattern to determine which color should come next.

Wyoming Geography

Give your child great geography practice as he identifies and labels the major cities and landforms of Wyoming.

Oregon Geography

Here's a great worksheet for boosting map-reading skills, and it teaches kids all about the geography of the state of Oregon, too.

State Capitals Crossword 2

Test your knowledge of the states and their capitals with this U.S. geography crossword puzzle. See if you can figure out the states that host Atlanta and more.

U.S. Map: State Shapes Matching Game

The U.S. map is like a jigsaw puzzle: each state has a unique shape. Can you match these eight unique state shapes to their names?

States and Capitals Crossword Puzzle

You might be able to name the state that Phoenix is in, but what about Montpelier? This U.S. geography crossword helps you discover the answer and more.

States and Capitals Practice: What's That State? 1

Grab a map and get some states and capitals practice! Kids identify states by capital city and shape, building knowledge of U.S. geography.

Western States

Where in the West is Wyoming? This U.S. map is missing the names of all of the western states, and your child will need to fill in their names.

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