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these are areas he needs to explore not in a workbook.
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Giant Pumpkin Coloring Page

This pumpkin coloring page features a pumpkin so big, two kids have to carry it. Try this giant pumpkin coloring page that's perfect for fall.

Write and Draw Sight Words: Both

Learn the word "both" in this write and draw sight words worksheet. Kids will trace the word before writing it out and coloring it on its own.

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with your kids with this colorful cut and paste growth chart.

Fall Produce Mandala

This mandala is of fall produce, and features fruits and veggies that taste best during the fall: pumpkin, brussels sprouts, grapes, and more.

Maple Tree Coloring Page

Get into the season with this fall-themed coloring page of a maple tree losing its leaves.

Coloring Fall: Jack-o'-Lantern

Color in this traditional American jack-o'-lantern, made of pure pumpkin.

Coloring Fall: More Leaves

Fall is all about leaves, leaves everywhere. Have your kid color in these signs of the season as you gear up for stormy days, hot chocolate, and heavy coats.

Coloring Fall: Leaves and Acorns

It's that time of year when the leaves change colors, fall off the branches, and clog up our rain gutters.

Coloring Fall: One Big Pumpkin

This might not be as big as the world's largest pumpkin (1,810 pounds!), but it's a start.

Maple Leaf Coloring Page

Here's a coloring page that will make Canadians happy -- big Maple leaves!

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