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these are areas he needs to explore not in a workbook.
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Evergreen State

As your child is having fun coloring, he'll be learning new facts about this Washington state.

Sunflower State

Challenge your child to a geography puzzle with this fun mystery state coloring page. Can she guess the state?

Color the Backyard Scene

This fun coloring page features a backyard scene complete with barbecue, picnic table, and play area.

Where Is It? Describing Position

The cat is on the chair. The mouse is under the table. In this worksheet, kids practice describing position by relating each object to another object near it.

Mountain State

Test your child's state knowledge with this mystery coloring sheet, featuring the Mountain State.

Name the Mystery State: Beehive State

Teach your child about his country with this geography coloring page featuring Utah, also known as the Beehive State.

Peace Garden State

This mystery state coloring page features North Dakota, also known as the Peace Garden State. Can your child guess which state she's coloring?

Mount Rushmore State

Combing coloring and geography with this fun printable. Can your child guess which state is the home of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial?

Old Dominion State

Eight US presidents came from this state, and its symbols include the American foxhound, and the tiger swallowtail butterfly. Can you guess the state?

Color Mount Rushmore!

Introduce your first grader to one of America's most significant historic symbols and four of its most famous presidents with this Mount Rushmore printable.

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