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Black History Month

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Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan was the first African American woman to be elected to Congress from the South, and was an inspiration to all involved in American politics.

Brown vs. Board of Education

In this worksheet, read all about Brown vs. Board of Education, a court decision that changed the lives of millions of Americans.

Jazz Greats: Charles Mingus

Introduce your budding musician to an African-American jazz legend, Charles Mingus! She'll read his mini-bio and answer a few trivia questions.

Jazz Greats: Etta James

Meet Etta James, a legendary African-American singer of soul and jazz. Your little musician can read a mini-bio and answer some trivia.

The Emancipation Proclamation

Read a brief overview of the history of the Emancipation Proclamation, then review what you’ve learned with the exercises that follow.

Buffalo Soldiers

Your budding historian can learn about the Buffalo Soldiers, the first African American military troops to serve in peacetime.

Leaders of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad aided thousands of enslaved Americans on the road to freedom. Students will learn about the leaders of this movement.

Historical Heroes: George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver did more than just play around with peanuts all day. He was an educator, a community leader, and a scientist.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad helped thousands of enslaved Americans find freedom. In this worksheet, your student will learn about this historic network.

Underground Railroad Songs

For kids studying the Underground Railroad, here's a worksheet to help them discover some of the songs that gave hope to enslaved Americans.

African American Inventors

Your young historian will learn about the some of the most notable African American inventors with this worksheet.

W.E.B. DuBois: Historical Heroes

Due to the efforts of W.E.B. DuBois, Americans began to take civil rights seriously.

Greensboro Sit-In

Help your child learn about the importance of non-violent protest with this social studies worksheet on the famous Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins.

Civil Rights Court Cases

See if you can match each major court decision that came straight out of the Civil Rights movement.

Civil Rights Crossword

Test your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement with this crossword puzzle. Use the clues to help you fill in the grid.

Lorraine Hansberry: Historical Heroes

If your child loves to be in the spotlight, help inspire her with this Historical Heroes worksheet about African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry.

African American Communities: Eatonville, Florida

Brush up on U.S. geography while learning a bit about a historical African American Community: Eatonville, Florida!

Civil Rights Vocabulary

Explore the special vocabulary that applies to the civil rights movement, both the one in our American history and those going on today.

History of the Blues

The blues is one of the first kinds of 'folk music' to come out of the United States, and its influence can be heard all over.

Historical Heroes: Frederick Douglass

Learn about one of the important figures of American history in this worksheet with a word scramble about Frederick Douglass.

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens' successes in the 1938 Olympics made history and paved the way for African-Americans in sports and other fields.

Jazz Greats: John Coltrane

Get to know John Coltrane, a jazz legend, with this music history worksheet! Read his mini-biography and answer some trivia.

Tuskegee Airmen

Your little learner can learn about the heroic Tuskegee Airmen as he hones his reading comprehension skills with this history worksheet.

Tuskegee Institute

Learn about the Tuskegee Institute, an important site in American History. It was one of the first universities made to help educate African Americans.

Historical Heroes: Maya Angelou

Learn more about author, activist and poet Maya Angelou with this Historical Heroes printable - a great addition to celebrating Black History Month.

Historical Heroes: Jesse Owens

Celebrate Black History Month with this printable about athlete and Olympic gold medal winner Jesse Owens.

History of the Harlem Renaissance

Learn more about the Harlem Renaissance, one of the most influential art scenes in American history.

Jazz Greats - Thelonious Monk

Celebrate Black History Month by studying the contributions of African-American jazz legends! Thelonius Monk was the first name in the modern jazz movement.

Jazz Greats: Charlie Parker

Celebrate Black History Month by studying the contributions of African-American jazz legend Charlie Parker!

History of Hip Hop Music

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about soul music and the history of African-Americans in pop music, all in this Hip-Hop Music worksheet!

History of Soul

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about soul music and the history of African-Americans in pop music, all in this soulful worksheet!

History of Jazz

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about the birth of jazz music, and the history of African-Americans in pop music.

History of Rock 'n' Roll

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about the birth of rock 'n' roll music and the history of African-Americans in pop music!

Black History Month Word Search

Encourage your child to learn more about the African-American struggle for equality with this word search that's full of important terms and concepts.

Black History Month Crossword Puzzle

Review terms and concepts all about Black History Month with a fun and informative crossword puzzle!

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