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Does Face Shape Affect Ones' Perception of Kindness?

Look at people's face shape. Do you think their face shape affects your perception of kindness? Find out more in this science fair project idea!

Does Texting Enhance Finger Dexterity?

This experiment evaluates whether frequent texters have better finger dexterity compared to people that rarely use text messaging.

Diet and Memory: Is There a Connection?

In this experiment, you will evaluate whether or not a diet that is supplemented with "brain-enhancing" foods can help improve memory.

Evaluating Gender Differences in Sound Perception

This experiment investigates whether there are certain sounds that affect men and women differently

Does Caffeine Enhance Athletic Performance?

This experiment explores whether caffeine improves athletic performance.

Can Food Boost Your Mood?

This experiment evaluates how a diet that is rich in "mood-enhancing" foods affects the way people feel over several weeks.

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