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Crystal Fudge

Fudge is one of very few desserts people make at home that is actually crystalline. What happens when the fudge crystallizes at different temperatures?

Create Your Own Miniature Salt Flats!

In this science fair project, students create their own miniature salt flats at home.

Tumbling Rocks!

Science fair project that demonstrate how abrasions are formed on rocks in nature and the variations between types of rocks.

Igneous Rock Help

Learn about igneous rocks by using our free concept reviews and practice questions. Use to get help with and study igneous rocks.

Easy Over: What Happens when Layers of Rock are Squeezed Together?

With just four hand towels, you can model what happens when layers of rock are squeezed together in this easy science fair project.

Fires Burn in Different Colors

In this experiment you observe fires of different colors: white, blue-violet, and green.

The Hydrologic Cycle

In this science fair project, learn how to model the hydrologic cycle, the continuous interchange of water between the oceans, land, plants, and clouds.

Melt Down: Can Solid Rock Melt?

In this free science fair project, explore whether or not solid rock will melt at high temperature. Use for more science fair project ideas!

Popcorn Pumice: Exploring Different Rock Densities

In this popcorn experiment, students can explore how two things made out of the same material can have very different appearances and densities.

Gravity of Rock

In this science fair project, you will learn how to determine the specific gravity of a rock. Use to find fun and free science fair projects!

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