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Animal Addition

Your kid can add pets with this worksheet, and luckily it's just for practice. Help your young one count and add with this worksheet full of cuddly cuties!

Insect Counting Worksheet: Butterflies and Cockroaches

There aren't many bugs more different than butterflies and cockroaches. Your kindergartener should try to count them separately in this counting worksheet.

Play with Shapes 5

What does one semicircle, two parallelograms, three triangles and a rectangle add up to?

Play with Shapes 3

Can your kindergartener arrange the shapes to make a truck? Let her practice her shapes with this colorful and hands-on math game.

Play with Shapes 2

Play with shapes the hands-on way! Let your your kindergartener cut out these colorful shapes and arrange them into the outline of a house.

Shape Fun #4

How can a few triangles and a rectangle make an airplane? Show your kindergarten the magic of shapes with this fun cut and paste activity.

Shape Fun #1

Here's some shape fun for young learners. Cut out these colorful shapes to see how they can come together in a larger shape.

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