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Cinco de Mayo

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Most people celebrate Cinco de Mayo with music and dancing, but if your kids don't feel like busting a move, they can bust out some craft supplies instead. There are lots of fun projects.

Color the Cinco de Mayo Instruments

Introduce your child to some of the traditions behind Cinco de Mayo, and improve his fine motor skills at the same time!

Make and Play a Loteria Board Game

Play loteria, a Mexican board game! Help your child make this fun and festive game to help her build her vocabulary and have a blast while she's at it.

Mexican Noise Maker

Your child can celebrate Mexican culture by making his very own percussion instrument using simple materials such as paper plates and tissue paper.

How to Make Maracas

Want to build some homemade instruments? These maracas make a racket, and they couldn't be easier to make...

Make a Paper Bag Serape

A serape is a long, blanket-like shawl worn over the shoulders. With a few simple materials, your child can fashion his very own serape!

Create a Tissue Paper Mexican Flag

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your child and teach her about Mexican heritage with this fun arts and crafts activity.

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