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Fruit Fly Life Cycle

Learn about the fruit fly life cycle in this experiment. Capture fruit flies to examine various stages of insect metamorphosis.

Circumference of the Earth in Shadows

Science fair project which measures the shadow cast by a meter stick at various times in order to predict the circumference of the earth.

Do Cookies Taste “Healthy”?

Determine whether people can actually taste the difference between âhealthyâ cookies and the traditional version.

Which Side of the Brain Draws the Best?

The objective of this science fair project is to determine whether drawing with the right side or the left side of your brain will produce a better picture.

Goldfish Behavior

Have your kid determine if a goldfish can be conditioned to expect food the same way Pavlov's dogs did with this fascinating science fair project.

Determine the Functions of Digestive Enzymes in Breading Down Starch

In this project set a science experiment to test the presence of glucose and starch and determine the functions of digestive enzymes in breaking down starch.

How Do the Phases of the Moon Affect the Tides?

How do the phases of the Moon and gravity cause spring tides and neap tides? Does the Sun play a role in the tides? Figure it out in this fun science project!

Chromatography: Solar Photography

Check out this cool middle school science fair project to learn about chromatography and the effects of sunlight on the color pigment found in plant leaves.

Good and Bad Lipids

This science fair project idea focuses on saturated and unsaturated lipids (fats and oils).

Breeding Butterflies

In this free science fair project, learn how to breed butterflies and study the important life stages of butterflies. A great science project for kids.

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