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Over and Out! 2 Great Obstacle Courses

When it comes to working kids' muscles, nothing beats an obstacle course! Here are some easy ideas for creating your own course at home.

Go Label Crazy: Games that Help Kids Learn to Read

Building fluency is the key to reading smoothly. This activity helps kids learn sight words.

Make Rice Pictures

Forget markers or crayons. For a really unusual art project, close the art supply cabinet, and crack open the pantry! Use rice to make pictures.

Make a Straw-Blown Painting!

Do this exciting project that lets your child use her own breath to create a funky painting that will add colorful flair to any home!

Homemade Food Pyramid

A homemade food pyramid poster will challenge your child to eat healthier. Soon he'll be asking for vegetables instead of boycotting them!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This homemade bird feeder will bring some feathered friends in for some closer observation, and it's a breeze for little kids to make. Get out that pine cone!

Button Board

Want to add a little craftiness to preschool math? Break out the glue gun and create a button board!

Make a Five Senses Teddy Bear

Have fun with your five senses! Make a tactile teddy bear and use your sensory powers like Goldilocks to explore different tastes, textures, smells, and more!

Salt Painting

If using regular watercolors is getting a little dry, liven things up by using salt to create a beautiful painting with unique crystal texture!

Bake Bread with Yeast

Try this arts and crafts activity with your preschooler: make bread from yeast dough to teach her about the science behind bread baking.

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