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Explore Color Science with Grape Juice

Your kid will be captivated as she watches liquids change color before her very eyes during this fun science project that introduces some chemistry basics.

Rice Cake Creatures

Want to turn snack time into fun-time? Help him turn ordinary rice cakes into creatures that are silly, creepy, or just plain cute!

Paint with Food!

Does your kid love crafts AND food? Teach him to paint with natural dyes from food! He'll be amazed that food can be made into art, just like in ancient times.

Easy Puzzles for Kids

Sponges are easy to handle and fun to play with, and your child will love putting these simple, three-piece puzzles together.

Recipes for Kids: Fruit Cone

Encourage your preschooler to eat nutritiously by having her build this delicious summer fruit cone!

Drinking Gourd Window Cut-Out

This craft is an excellent way to learn about African-American history, and it also provides fine motor practice.

Ribbon Awards

Craft these awards out of ribbon for a birthday, party, holiday, or any other event you can think of!

Make a Mini Beach-in-a-Box

Enjoy the beach all year long with this fun activity that uses sand, seashells, and a shoebox to create a mini beach right in your house!

Hands-On Measurement!

Forget the measuring stick! This fun math activity uses a body part, your child's hand, as a ruler.

Fine Motor Practice

Take some of the spirit of musical chairs and incorporate it into an indoor obstacle course that will fine tune your child's motor skills!

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