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Cutting Squares and Rectangles: Build a Robot

Kids use their cutting skills to build a funky robot on this prekindergarten worksheet. This worksheet helps build fine motor skills and recognition of shapes.

Cutting Lines: What's in the Grass?

Kids use their cutting and coloring skills to make grass for the bugs to hide in on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.

Drawing Lines

Get your child ready to write letters with this printable multi-page worksheet that helps with pencil-control skills.

Line Tracing: Doggie Directions

Get a worksheet that's all about tracing fun. To complete this worksheet preschooler child will need to trace the rounded lines on the page.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road: Diagonal Lines 1

These chickens need your child's help to cross the road. Kids will use their fine motor skills to trace lines and finish the crosswalks for the hens.

Prewriting Skills: Vertical Lines

By tracing the vertical lines on this writing worksheet, kids strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form letters such as "F" and "L."

Trace & Color: Basketball Game

Get your preschooler ready for writing with this trace and color worksheet.

Color by Number: Robots in Space

These wacky robots need a little color to spice up their outer space adventure. Can your child follow directions and color by number to complete the scene?

Trace and Color the City

Sneak some writing practice into coloring time with this fun trace and color printable. As she traces the lines, she'll build strong hand muscles for writing!

Doggie Coloring Page

This cute doggie coloring page packs in the handwriting practice. Tracing the lines helps strengthen little hands for writing, and coloring amps up the fun!

Finger Puppets: Practicing Fine Motor

This worksheet will bring out the puppeteer in your child. It requires scissors, tape, fine motor skills, and an eye for following directions.

Count the Tree Rings

This printable will help your child with her observation skills by challenging her to count the tree rings to determine their ages.

Something Orange

Explore the color orange with your preschooler by creating an edible picture using orange foods.

Egg Carton Spiders

Get into the Halloween spirit by creating creepy (but cute) spiders from paper egg cartons, paint, and pipe cleaners.

Painted Cookies

Painting cookies is a fun way for your child to exercise his fine motor skills and be creative at the same time.

Strawberry Parfait

Take a pretty parfait glass and help your preschooler create a simple A-B-A-B pattern as she layers strawberries and yogurt.

Animal Dice

Looking for a fun way to encourage imaginative play? Try crafting these animal dice with your preschooler.

Design Your Own Wrapping Paper

This painting activity uses gross motor skills to create art and home made wrapping paper using paint, an easy holiday activity for your child.

Symmetry Art Project

This imaginative art activity will help your child to better understand symmetry and explore color and shape.

Art with Household Items

Use common kitchen tools to create an entirely uncommon work of art!

Make Glue Ornaments for Christmas

Make unique holiday ornaments with this sticky, stringy art project.

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

With a little guidance from parents, youngsters can create a Christmas tree using their thumb as a stamp.

Trace & Color: Heart!

Featuring a challenging tracing activity, this cute coloring page helps strengthen kids' hand muscles and improve hand control.

Trace & Color: Flag

This coloring page includes a tracing activity to help your preschooler strengthen his hand muscles for writing.

Making New Friends

Being by yourself is nice and peaceful, but think about all the things that are better with two or more: board games, banana splits, and roller-coaster rides.

Learning to Share

If someone you know is in need of something you have, it's always a kind gesture to share a little bit of what you have with them.

Learn From Your Elders

Have your child color in the page so they can learn that, until they're older, they should always listen to their parents, grandparents, and caretakers.

Helping Others in Need

If someone you know needs help, it's always good manners to lend them a hand. Wouldn't you want them to do the same thing for you?

Words To Live By: Eat A Rainbow

With this coloring page, encourage your children to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in an array of colors.

Manners Coloring Page

Help your child learn the importance of patience and waiting your turn with this coloring page on life lessons.

Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands helps reduce the spread of germs and keeps you and everyone around you healthy.

Grow a Sock Garden

In this activity, your kid has your permission to get his socks nice and filthy. In fact, it's a necessity, because those socks are going to make a garden.

Trace & Color the Haunted House

Tracing shapes in this fun Halloween scene will strengthen your child's fine motor skills. And when he's done he's got a great coloring page!

Pennsylvania Liberty Bell

The Pennsylvania Liberty Bell has been through a lot, but it was never owned by a famous fast-food chain...that's an urban legend!

Color the Sick Teddy

Color in this picture of a teddy bear doing the right thing: take a day of to rest, relax and recover until he's ready to go back to school.

Growing Flowers

This winter garden project is just about bomb-proof, and believe it or not, it might even make a great gift. So get craft happy with your first grader!

Make Window Constellations

Help your first grader explore the magical world of constellations by creating these special star charts from the night sky.

Manners: Cover Your Sneeze!

Covering your sneezes and coughs helps prevent the spread of colds and flu, so we can all spend our sick days having fun.

911 Coloring Page

If you or a loved one are ever in danger, you can always call the police at 911. Here's a 911 Coloring Page to memorize those three important numbers.

Make Leaf Rubbing Gift Cards

Combine science with reading and art to help your first grader create an attractive holiday gift for a beloved friend or relative.

Guessing Game: Good and Bad

This zany guessing game asks your first grader to tap into her deductive reasoning skills to guess an activity or object.

Rules of the Road Signs

Use the appeal of the common road sign to your advantage by creating a game with hidden learning opportunities.

Sense of Hearing

Jump into science with a lesson in our sense of hearing with this coloring page that asks kids to color the pictures of things they can hear.

Create a Sandwich Bag Explosion!

Chemistry is a blast with this backyard bomb made from a sandwich bag. All you need are ingredients from the pantry to create a satisfying, and safe, explosion.

About Me: My House

Help your kindergartener learn his home address and think about why it's important with this cute coloring page.

Make Sand Candles!

Planning a beach vacation? Here's a cool nature craft you can make in the sand with your child.

Build Up for an Edible Structure

This activity encourages children to sculpt in free form. The only rule is that they have to build upwards.

Shape Search: Kitty's Toy Chest

If you're looking for a way to make learning shapes fun, this hidden rectangles worksheet just might be the answer!

Jump Rope The Days of the Week!

Here are two fun, rhythmic jump rope chants to help your first grader learn the days of the week, practice reading skills, and stay fit!

Trace & Color: Race Car

Trace the race car, then color it in and watch it zoom off the page!

U.S. Flag Coloring Page

This simple color-by-number page teaches kids to recognize the United States flag.

Make a Music Video

Invite your fourth grader--and her friends--to channel their inner rock stars as they make their own choreographed music video.

Words To Live By: Brush Your Teeth

Color in this page of a boy brushing his teeth before bedtime, something you should do every night.

How to Paint Like Matisse

In this activity, your child will reference Matisse and also learn about patterns.

Paint a Dotted Seurat Masterpiece

Learn to mix colors and paint a masterpiece of dots, with this art activity that takes a page from Georges Seurat and pointillism!

Words To Live By: Be Gentle

Have your child color in this "life lessons" page about playing gently, featuring some adorable kittens.

Being a Good Sport

Help your child learn to share and listen to others with this coloring sheet about being a good sport.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Introduce your fourth grader to the deliciousness that can come out of the kitchen by helping him make these sugary traditional Mexican cookies, or biscochitos.

Statue of Liberty Coloring

A coloring sheet of the Statue of Liberty, ideal for 1st graders studying world culture and geography.

Van Gogh Landscapes

Vincent van Gogh painted golden hued pictures of the harvest using bold lines and vibrant color. Your child can explore this style of art using oil pastels.

Bottle Cap Games for Kindergarten Readiness

Here are some kindergarten readiness activities that you can do with reused plastic bottle caps.

Write a Simile Poem ... Starring Your Pet!

Give your fourth grader a head start in poetry with a simile writing activity that guides him in crafting a cute poem about the beloved family pet.

A Glow in the Dark Bonanza!

If your fourth grader is obsessed with all things glow-in-the-dark, then here's an activity that will really light up her imagination!

Trace and Color: Palm Tree

Shake up coloring time with a trace and color activity that's great for strengthening little hand muscles.

Make Four Season Trees!

This crafty activity provides a hands-on way for your child to illustrate how the trees look during each season of the year.

Recreate Your State...Out of Salt Dough!

Challenge your fourth grader to try to recreate the geography of her state using just flour, salt, and water.

Post Office Pretend Play

Want to help your preschooler learn more about his community while boosting creativity? Set up a post office play station right in your very own home!

Create a Clothespin Giraffe Recipe Holder

Ask your fourth grader to jazz up the family kitchen by creating this adorable clothespin giraffe to sit on the counter and hold recipe cards.

Experiment with Invisible Writing

With this activity, your child can write an invisible letter that will appear as if by magic when exposed to heat.

Giraffe Craft

Create a chunky, textured, tactile giraffe collage that is cute enough to pet! This is a great way to recycle old arts and crafts materials.

DIY Notepad

With this fun activity, you can help your preschooler make an cute shopping notepad to keep and use or give away as a gift. Here's how:

Taste Test Science: Fool Your Tongue!

This taste buds science experiment demonstrates how strongly our sense of smell controls what we taste.

Make a Water Well!

Here's a simple science activity that will help your child better understand how wells bring us water.

Make an Apple Turkey!

It's Thanksgiving, so why not celebrate of the turkey? Let the little ones partake in the turkey fun, without having to do any of the carving.

Card Challenges

Tell your child you want to work on kindergarten readiness skills and she's not likely to jump up and clap. But turn it into a game and it's a different story.

Leprechaun Hat Pin Cushion

Craft this leprechaun hat-covered jar, brimming with St. Patrick's Day charm!

Clay Beads

Here's a fun preschool arts and crafts activity: make homemade clay bead jewelry. All you need is flour, cornstarch, and salt to get started.

Play Twist 'N Turn!

Here's Twist 'N Turn: let your preschooler or pre-kindergartener be outside and active while learning about shapes, colors, directions, and word recognition.

Popcorn Sculpture

This activity will help your child develop her fine motor skills and build spatial awareness,and it's a great way to jazz up snack time!

Blarney Stone

Celebrate Irish history and culture this St. Patrick's Day by making a miniature version of the Blarney Stone!

Explore Color Science with Grape Juice

Your kid will be captivated as she watches liquids change color before her very eyes during this fun science project that introduces some chemistry basics.

Rice Cake Creatures

Want to turn snack time into fun-time? Help him turn ordinary rice cakes into creatures that are silly, creepy, or just plain cute!

Paint with Food!

Does your kid love crafts AND food? Teach him to paint with natural dyes from food! He'll be amazed that food can be made into art, just like in ancient times.

Easy Puzzles for Kids

Sponges are easy to handle and fun to play with, and your child will love putting these simple, three-piece puzzles together.

Recipes for Kids: Fruit Cone

Encourage your preschooler to eat nutritiously by having her build this delicious summer fruit cone!

Drinking Gourd Window Cut-Out

This craft is an excellent way to learn about African-American history, and it also provides fine motor practice.

Ribbon Awards

Craft these awards out of ribbon for a birthday, party, holiday, or any other event you can think of!

Make a Mini Beach-in-a-Box

Enjoy the beach all year long with this fun activity that uses sand, seashells, and a shoebox to create a mini beach right in your house!

Hands-On Measurement!

Forget the measuring stick! This fun math activity uses a body part, your child's hand, as a ruler.

Fine Motor Practice

Take some of the spirit of musical chairs and incorporate it into an indoor obstacle course that will fine tune your child's motor skills!

Over and Out! 2 Great Obstacle Courses

When it comes to working kids' muscles, nothing beats an obstacle course! Here are some easy ideas for creating your own course at home.

Go Label Crazy: Games that Help Kids Learn to Read

Building fluency is the key to reading smoothly. This activity helps kids learn sight words.

Make Rice Pictures

Forget markers or crayons. For a really unusual art project, close the art supply cabinet, and crack open the pantry! Use rice to make pictures.

Make a Straw-Blown Painting!

Do this exciting project that lets your child use her own breath to create a funky painting that will add colorful flair to any home!

Homemade Food Pyramid

A homemade food pyramid poster will challenge your child to eat healthier. Soon he'll be asking for vegetables instead of boycotting them!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This homemade bird feeder will bring some feathered friends in for some closer observation, and it's a breeze for little kids to make. Get out that pine cone!

Button Board

Want to add a little craftiness to preschool math? Break out the glue gun and create a button board!

Make a Five Senses Teddy Bear

Have fun with your five senses! Make a tactile teddy bear and use your sensory powers like Goldilocks to explore different tastes, textures, smells, and more!

Salt Painting

If using regular watercolors is getting a little dry, liven things up by using salt to create a beautiful painting with unique crystal texture!

Bake Bread with Yeast

Try this arts and crafts activity with your preschooler: make bread from yeast dough to teach her about the science behind bread baking.

Build Bricks out of Dirt

Here's a fun arts and crafts activity for preschoolers: channel the third pig in "The Three Little Pigs" to build a structure out of homemade bricks.

Make Egg Carton Roses

Just in time for spring, these egg carton flowers are sure to brighten your day. All you need is an egg carton, paint, and green pipe cleaners to begin.

Paint the Emperor's Invisible Clothes

Here's a magical art activity for your preschooler: paint an invisible picture that can only be revealed when painted over with watercolors!

Create a Pop-Up Winter Landscape

This winter season, have your preschooler try his hand at creating majestic, snow-filled scenery with a unique pop-up landscape project.

Help Build a Bird's Nest

In this easy arts and crafts activity, preschoolers can offer nesting materials to birds in a colorful spring hanger and learn about the scientific method.

Branch Out: Create an Alphabet Tree

Boost your preschooler's letter recognition skills with a Tom Thumb-themed alphabet tree collage.

Take a Magic Carpet Ride!

Let your child's imagination take flight as she explores the depths of her creativity! Take a magic carpet ride and see where her imagination takes you.

Play a Yertle the Turtle Stacking Game

Get your preschooler to practice a steady hand and celebrate Read Across America Day with this challenging stacking activity inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Paper Easter Eggs

Decorate eggs for Easter without the mess by making an Easter egg collage instead in this preschool arts and crafts activity.

Mud Bricks

Here's an arts and crafts activity for preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners: build brick buildings with homemade mud bricks made from dirt and water.

I Love Bugs!

Guide your preschooler through making a handmade bug valentine for a loved one; it's an adorable way to say, "I love you."

White Collage

Encourage your preschooler to learn about the letter "W" by creating a wonderful work of art.

Make a Paper Clock

This is a great project to introduce your child to the basic concepts of time and some introductory math.

Interactive Number Line

Check out this interactive number line. It's a great way to strengthen your preschoolers understanding of basic numbers and the numerals that represent them.

Marble Art

Here's a fun way for your preschooler to practice making predictions. Shake up marbles covered in paint to see what colorful design you'll make!

Make a Moon Winder

Here's a simple arts and crafts activity to do with your preschooler: make a moon winder toy! All you need is a plastic lid, colored paper, twine, and glue.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

It's that old science fair classic -- the baking soda and vinegar volcano!

Higher or Lower

This is an easy counting game for preschoolers and toddlers. Great for car trips!

Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Your preschooler or kindergartener will learn about Thanksgiving and the symbolic Fall cornucopia with this festive homemade decoration activity!

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Your preschooler will strengthen his fine motor skills by cutting, painting, and drawing as he creates a crafty caterpillar out of an egg carton.

Glass Candy Ornaments

Glass candy ornaments are easy to make and fun for kids. Make a batch of glass candy ornaments with your child this holiday season.

Oh Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Get your preschooler or kindergartener into the holiday spirit by making a holiday instrument that will improve his fine motor skills and sense of rhythm.

Fingerprint Fall Trees

Celebrate the changing seasons with this fun, hands-on art activity that will teach your child about the different colors of the seasons.

DIY Planter

Show your preschooler how to construct this very special planter for Mom. It makes a great pick-me-up, and it's easy for kids to make in a flash!

Rainbow Trout Craft

Drive away rainy day blues by making a paper tropical fish in bright colors, jazzed up with multi-colored confetti.

Bake Tree Ring Cookies

Baking these fun cookies will introduce your child to the concept of cross-sections.

Make Homemade Zip-lock Bag Lemonade!

Make homemade lemonade in a baggie with your preschooler with this fun and easy recipe.

Make Paper Bowl Hats

Put those paper bowls to good use! Enjoy a preschool classic craft, great for passing the time on a rainy afternoon.

Bee Craft

Let your child experience the fun of collage art while jumping into a little bee science with this bee-utiful busy bee craft.

Mardi Gras Wreath

Craft your own Mardi Gras wreath to celebrate the holiday and help your kid build her fine motor skills while you're at it!

Scented Shamrock

This March, try decorating your home with these scented shamrocks--sure to fill your home with Irish spirit.

Rainbow Mosaic

After a storm, have a discussion with your preschooler about how rainbows are made. Then, create a rainbow mosaic from ordinary paint samples!

Make a Bonnet

Here's an arts and crafts activity that'll help your preschooler create her very own festive, colorful bonnet with just a paper plate!

Ink Wash Painting

Turn your childâs love of markers into a really colorful creation with the help of some water and a big brush.

Monster Balloons

These little monsters made from balloons and flour are silly and fun and best of all, easy for preschoolers to make.

Paint and Peel!

This easy painting activity feels magical, especially when you use it for a secret message.

Pendulum Painting

Here's an arts and crafts activity for your preschooler: make pendulum paintings using only a funnel, canvas, and paint!

Make Number Rubbings

Help your child identify numbers with this fun preschool math art activity! Explore different textures and colors as he learns numbers.

Blow Painting

Let your kid have fun painting by blowing the paint around on the paper rather than using a paintbrush. The result will be a fabulously abstract piece of art!

Foil Painting

Your preschooler will have a great time painting on a foil background to create a stunning, shiny work of art!

Homemade Fingerpaint

Why spend money on fingerpaint when you can make your own? With this recipe, you can stew up your kid's favorite colors right in your kitchen.

Create Squishy Paint Art

Featuring plenty of good old fashioned squishy, gooey fun without the mess, this compromise of an art project is sure to please little ones and grown-ups alike.

Make a Fabric Collage

Want a fun craft project that will get your preschooler using his senses? Create a colorful, abstract piece of fabric art with your child!

Decorate Your Own Pillowcase

Make a hand-decorated pillowcase to help ease the bedtime battle so that everyone can get a night of sweet dreams.

Make a Tube Sock Snowman

These snowmen are easy to make, fun to decorate, and make cute stuffed companions that won't melt when spring comes! Here's how to get started:

Pipe Play

Plastic pipes and pipe connectors make a quick and fun activity for preschoolers. Try some of our pipe challenges!

Mother, May I?

This variation on the classic group game "Mother, May I?" can be played with one or more child and involves continual participation.

Play Animal Exercises

Preschoolers need to practice hopping, skipping, and other "gross motor" skills. Why not make it fun by challenging them to move like their favorite animals?

Clothespin Drop!

Help your preschooler practice counting, matching, and learning colors with this fun game!

Make a Triangle-Circle Clown

Play with shapes, like triangles and circles, to help your child review the different kinds and create a new picture!

Exercise...with Dice!

Run, jump, and skip your way to physical fitness as your exercise with dice! It's a perfect party or family game.

Crab Craft

This fun activity makes use of pasta shells, paint, and glue make a crab while your child learns about this unique creature.

Make a Desktop Desert Terrarium

Using a glass fishbowl, you and your kids can create a low-humidity, open-topped terrarium perfect for easy care, drought-tolerant succulents.

Egg Carton Garden

Here's a simple and fun kindergarten or first grade gardening activity: grow a miniature container garden in a paper egg carton. Great for kinesthetic learners.

Homemade Playdough

It's easier than you think to make homemade play dough -- just a few pantry staples makes a natural version of the toy that kids have loved for generations.

Star Cards

Got a child inspired by the stars above? Show him how to make his own greeting cards covered with stars and constellations ... using potato stamps!

Create a Shoebox Habitat

Children are imaginative story-builders. Create a shoebox habitat with your child to put those budding creative instincts to good use.

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