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Australian Animals

Fun and fuzzy Australian animals.
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Echidna Coloring Page

This Echidna coloring page features the rare, egg-laying mammal! Add color to the pictures and learn a few fun facts about this rare species.

Color and Learn: Red Kangaroo

Give your little animal lover a great coloring sheet, complete with a few fun facts about the red kangaroo!

Color and Learn: Platypus

Introduce your child to the animal kingdom's most famous anomaly, the platypus! Color and learn about the platypus with this great info sheet.

Color and Learn: Marsupial Mole

This mole has a pouch for its young, just like kangaroos. Get your child into life science learning with this fun coloring page.

Color and Learn: Wombat

Animal lovers, here is a great worksheet for your student to color and learn at the same time!

Color and Learn: Koala

What's better than coloring and learning at the same time? Here's a great informational sheet on koala bears that doubles as a coloring page!

Color and Learn: Possums

Get your child into learning with this fun color and learn page. She can read some fun facts about possums, and have a fun coloring session at the same time.

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