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All kinds of wonderful birds.
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Cedar Waxwing Coloring Page

Learn about a new species of bird with a beautiful coloring page! Your child will get to color a Cedar Waxwing, a bird with unique coloring on its wings.

Color the Blue Jays

Here's a coloring page that will teach your child a species of bird, and the Latin name for it!

Black-mandibled Toucan Coloring Page

Say hello to the Black-mandibled Toucan, an exotic bird named for the black coloring on the bottom of its beak.

Atlantic Puffin Coloring Page

Introduce your child to a new species of bird, with this adorable Atlantic Puffin coloring page! He'll learn a few sight words as he colors.

American Flamingo Coloring Page

Learn about the American Flamingo with a cute coloring page! As she colors, your child will learn the name of the species in Latin.

American White Pelican Coloring Page

Meet one of nature's best fishermen, the America White Pelican! Share a beautiful coloring page with your child.

Canadian Geese Coloring Page

Meet the Canadian Goose with this cute coloring page! Your child will learn how to write the name of the species in English and in Latin.

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