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Flower and Insects

Flowers and Insects with Common and Scientific Names
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Endangered Species: Red Wolf

Meet the red wolf, an endangered species of animal that was once very common, but in the past 50 year nearly became extinct!

Lily and Dragonfly Coloring Page

This Lily and Dragonfly coloring page will engage second graders in a fun coloring exercise while helping them learn the scientific names of the species.

Sunflowers and Moth Coloring Page

The Sunflowers and Moth Coloring Page will engage second graders in adding color to bring the scene to life while learning the scientific names for the species!

Rose and Bee Coloring Page

This rose and bee coloring page features a lovely stem of Sun Downer Roses surrounded by a group of Honey Bees. Add color to bring them to life!

Nature Coloring Page

This nature coloring page features a detailed depiction of Hibiscus flowers and an African Mantis that your second grader can bring to life by adding color!

Dandelion and Ants Coloring Page

This Dandelion and ants coloring page features a depiction of Dandelions with a group of Odorous House Ants gathering around. Bring them to life with color!

Namib Desert Beetle

Color the Namib Desert Beetle crawling along the Prickly Pear Cactus plant.

Flower and Insect: Daffodil, Ladybug

Soon-to-be scientists, here's a great coloring page featuring flowers and insects! Learn the scientific names of a ladybug and a daffodil.

Flower and Insect: Calla Lilly, Spider

Who knew coloring could be so educational? Learn the formal names of a spider and calla lily with this coloring page.

Flower and Insect: Iris, Butterfly

Give your child a great coloring page full of fun flower facts! This one is about the iris flower and the butterfly.

Flower and Insect Coloring

Learn the scientific names of this popular flower and its partner, the grasshopper, with this fun coloring sheet!

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