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Sea Life

Fun, pretty sea animals.
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Color the Sea Otters

This ultra cute coloring page features three adorable sea otters enjoying their freshly caught lunch in their ocean home!

Oceanic Octopus Coloring Page

Your future oceanographer will enjoy coloring in the multi-eyed octopus in this coloring page in addition to adding color to the cute angel fish beside him!

Silly Sea Horse Coloring Page

Add color to the silly sea horse who is busy protecting her two babies. Also, practice pronouncing the scientific name for a sea horse.

Crazy Crab Coloring Page

In this coloring page, you will learn the scientific names of the hermit crab and sea crab and will be able to see the differences in how each one looks.

Wobbly Walrus Coloring Page

Find out what the scientific name for a walrus is in this under the sea coloring page then have fun coloring in the two wobbly walruses and their ocean home!

Slippery Sea Ray Coloring Page

Find out what the Sting Ray and Manta Ray's scientific names are in this fun sea coloring page and have a blast coloring these slippery sea rays in!

Oceanic Orca Coloring Page

Learn the orca whale's scientific name and add color to this fun ocean coloring page!

Jellyfish Joy Coloring Page

Learn the scientific name for jellyfish then have a ball coloring in the pictures of these graceful creatures!

Ocean Coloring Page: Fishy Fun

Have some fishy fun by learning both the common and scientific names of different fish! Add color to the underwater scene.

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