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The Solar System

Fun facts about each planet, the sun and Nicolas Copernicus, the man who proved the sun to be the center of our universe.
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Neptune Facts

Learn about the farthest planet in our solar system, Neptune. Facts include interesting bits about the vast winds that keep its surface moving!

Saturn Facts

Learn Saturn facts with this science printable, like that it is one of the large gas planets in our solar system!

Facts About Venus

Learn facts about Venus, the planet that shines the brightest in our night sky! Then practice your knowledge of the solar system with bonus trivia at the end.

Facts About Uranus

This worksheet features Uranus facts. Did you know this planet is blue and spins on its side?

Mercury Facts

This printable features the planet closest to the sun. Learn Mercury facts and further your knowledge of outer space by discovering new things.

Facts About Mars

Learn facts about Mars, the great red planet in the night sky. There is more find out about space by answering the question at the bottom of the worksheet.

Pluto Facts

Learn about the "dwarf planet" in our solar neighborhood. There are more Pluto facts to learn, if you figure out the answer to the question on the page.

Jupiter Facts

Learn Jupiter facts in this worksheet. Your child can test his knowledge of the solar system by answering the trivia question at the bottom of the page.

Solar System Coloring Page

Our solar system might fit on this cool coloring page, but in reality it's 3.7 billion miles from the Sun to the dwarf planet Pluto!

Asteroids and Comets

Learn a bit about meteors, asteroids and comets as they travel across the night sky. Can your child round out the page by adding color to these orbiting rocks?

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