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Can't get enough of these printable paper crafts

Paper town cut-outs, puppets, origami, and box animals!
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Watercolor Paint by Number: Dinosaur

This dinosaur scene is in the need of some color--watercolor that is! As your child paints, she'll practice color mixing and boost number recognition, too.

Color by Number: Robots in Space

These wacky robots need a little color to spice up their outer space adventure. Can your child follow directions and color by number to complete the scene?

Color by Number: Fishbowl

Give your child some practice following directions with this fun fishbowl color by number page.

Paper Dolls: Firefighter

No fires to put out here - just playtime with a female firefighter paper doll!

Police Paper Doll

if your child loves to keep order around the house, she'll love these police paper dolls.

Artist Paper Doll

Show your child she can be anything she wants to be with this inspirational artist paper doll.

Teacher Paper Doll 2

if your child loves to impart knowledge and has no fear of public speaking, he'll love this paper doll.

Doctor Paper Doll

If your child is good at taking care of others, inspire her with this doctor paper doll.

Chef Paper Doll

If your child loves to help out, or even just watch, in the kitchen, she'll love this paper doll.

Pilot Paper Doll

If your child yearns to explore the wild blue yonder, then she'll no doubt love these paper dolls.

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