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Paper Plate Valentine Holder

Valentine's Day means an avalanche of cards and candy, but where to put them all? This is the perfect solution to help your kid keep track of all his goodies.

Valentine's Day Painting

This heart print makes the perfect simple and sweet gift for Valentine's Day!

Heart Card

Our heart card is a little piece of modern art that makes a great Valentine's Day gift for a creative friend. Make a heart card using paper, paint, and marbles.

Make Kitchen Sponge Heart Cards

In this activity, kids use sponges to make textured stamps for homemade, artistic Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine's Day Flowers

You don't need a garden to enjoy flowers. This first grade activity let's you make a lovely bouquet for Valentine's Day

Mom Card

Forget expensive store bought cards, this handmade card truly delivers--and it helps your preschooler with letter recognition.

How to Make a Sketchbook

Help your child create a garden journal sketchbook as she observes and records the natural world around her through the changing seasons.

Diploma Frame

Help your preschooler celebrate his big day by crafting a special, sparkly diploma frame to celebrate his achievement!

Rainbow Trout Craft

Drive away rainy day blues by making a paper tropical fish in bright colors, jazzed up with multi-colored confetti.

Make a Triangle-Circle Clown

Play with shapes, like triangles and circles, to help your child review the different kinds and create a new picture!

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