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Who Is Peter Pan?

Have your child read these Peter Pan passages and decide what she knows about the Peter Pan character.

Peter Pan Analysis 1

"We can fly! We can fly" Your child may never fly, but she'll have a soaring good time with this Peter Pan story and worksheet.

Peter Pan Analysis 2

Continue the wild ride with part two of this fun Peter Pan series. Your child will enjoy this exciting passage from Peter Pan while learning new words.

Peter Pan Analysis 3

This fun Peter Pan series flies into part three with this worksheet. Have your child read the passage from Peter Pan and complete the vocabulary challenge.

Drawing Neverland

Neverland: an imaginary place where your child never grows up. Have him read this passage from the story of Peter Pan and draw his own Neverland.

Writing a Ballad

The legend of Robin Hood was passed down through ballads. After reading about him, you and your child can try writing a ballad of your own!

Carl Sagan Biography

In this worksheet you can learn about Carl Sagan, an astronomer and astrophysicist who is revered in the Jewish and scientific communities alike.

How to Write Like C.S. Lewis

Aspiring authors, get inspired by C.S. Lewis and the authors who inspired his fantastical stories! Students can create a collage passage to strengthen writing.

How to Write Like J.R.R. Tolkien

For fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, here's a great writing composition sheet that can provide some inspiration!

How to Write Like Jules Verne

Take a dive into science fiction writing with the grandfather of sci-fi: Jules Verne! Create a "collage" passage with text from authors who influenced Verne.

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