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Plants, Animals & the Earth

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Matching Types of Leaves

Can you figure out how to match each leaf to its correct tree? Just cut out the leaves, glue them to the trees and then pick your favorite!

Matching Leaves

Have you ever seen a willow or a walnut tree? These big trees have very differently shaped leaves. Can you match each leaf with its correct tree?

Leaf Match-up

Not all leaves are shaped the same. Discover the difference between palm and elm leaves as you match each leaf to its tree. Which leaf shape is your favorite?

Types of Leaves

Did you know you can identify a tree by its leaves? Discover the different shapes and shades of maple and oak leaves as you match each one to the correct tree.

Baby Animals

Who knew that so much cuteness could be squeezed onto one page? Give your little fawn or joey a fun coloring page to help him learn the names of baby animals.

Plants and Animals

What do living things need to survive? Have your little helper assist Penny in giving her puppy and plant water and energy to help them grow!

Plant Shapes

Shape up your knowledge of living things with this plant sorting soirÃe! Your kid will build observational skills by describing the attributes of each plant.

Urban Animals

Many animals live in the woods, but some can live in the city right alongside people! Which of these animals are urban animals?

Plant Survival

This worksheet will help teach your kindergartner the basics of botany, by asking her to look at the pictures and then decide what a plant needs to grow tall.

Animals and their Homes

This worksheet about animals and their homes will introduce your child to life science. This worksheet teaches early recognition of animals and their homes.

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