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What's the Probability?

Help your fifth grader understand probability with this worksheet that challenges her to find the probability of a certain event in a handful of scenarios.

It's Freezing! Practice Finding Mode

This colorful worksheet will get your fifth grader practicing with mode: the number in a set of data that occurs most often.

Determine Mean

Which team played better? Let your fifth grader practice finding averages by determining the mean shooting scores of each team.

Finding the Average: Mean, Median, and Mode

Help the concept of averages sink in for your fifth grader with this worksheet all about finding the mean, median, and mode.

In the Middle: Practice Finding Median

Which gymnast's height is in the middle? Can your fifth grader figure it out using his median-finding power?

What's the Range?

Use this colorful worksheet to teach your fifth grader range. It'll get him familiar with basic statistics.

Coin Toss Probability

We all know a coin toss gives you a 50% chance of winning, but is it always that way? Delve into the inner-workings of coin toss probability with this activity.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability

Rock... paper... scissors! Discover a bit more about the math behind this childhood game with this exercise in probability.

Probability Darts 1

Kids will practice with fractions and degrees in this probability worksheet. Help your kid figure out the probability of a dart landing in different places.

Probability Darts 2

Build on fraction math skills and working with degrees to get probability practice for your middle schooler with this math worksheet series.

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