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Trace the State

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Trace the Outline of Tennessee

This coloring page featuring the outline of Tennessee and its flag will let your first grader trace and color her way across the U.S.

Trace the Outline of Maine

Trace and color the outline of Maine and its flag in this geography worksheet.

Capital of Alabama

What's the capital of Alabama? Trace and color the state of Alabama and its flag and find out.

Trace the Outline of Virginia

This coloring page will help your first grader learn to identify the state of Virginia, its name and flag.

Trace the Outline of Nebraska

Get your child excited about geography with this tracing page featuring the state of Nebraska.

Trace the Outline of Wyoming

This worksheet will help your first grader learn more about the United States, focusing on Wyoming.

Trace the Outline of Wisconsin

Your first grader will trace the state of Wisconsin, and learn to identify it by name, shape and flag all while coloring and having fun.

Trace the Outline of New Jersey

This coloring page will help your child learn to identify the state, name and flag of New Jersey.

Trace the Outline of West Virginia

With this worksheet on West Virginia your child will color in the outline of West Virginia, trace it and learn all about the state!

Trace the Outline of New Mexico

Trace the outline of New Mexico in the easy U.S. geography worksheet.

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