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Trace the State

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Trace the Outline of Florida

Help your first grader learn a little geography as she traces the outline of Florida.

Trace the Outline of New Hampshire

Your first grader can trace and color her way through this geography page, which features the outline of New Hampshire.

Trace the Outline of Utah

This coloring page will help your first grader learn to identify Utah by shape, name and flag.

Trace the Outline of Maryland

This tracing worksheet will teach your first grader geography and let them have fun coloring too.

Trace the Outline of South Dakota

Trace the outline of South Dakota in this worksheet that teaches geography.

Trace the Outline of Oregon

This fun geography worksheet will teach your child what the outline of Oregon looks like.

Trace the Outline of Rhode Island

Geography includes places big and small. This page will help your child learn a bit about Rhode Island.

Trace the Outline of South Carolina

After learning a bit of geography through tracing the outline of South Carolina your first grader will know so much more!

Trace the Outline of North Carolina

In this worksheet, tracing and coloring the outline of North Carolina will keep study time entertaining.

Trace the Outline of Kansas

This geography worksheet lets your child trace the outline of Kansas, color, and learn!

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