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plant science fair projects

2013 Gr. 5-7
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Apple Allelopathy: Accelerating the Ripening Process

This science fair project examines which fruits and/or vegetables will ripen prematurely when placed with ripe apples.

Water and Mosses

This science fair project will help students learn about non-vascular plants, such as mosses.

Bracket Fungi: Parasites or Saprophytes?

Ever wonder about the fungi you see growing on the sides of trees? This project explores these fungi to determine whether they are parasites or saprophytes.

Do Packaged Seeds Expire?

Find out whether packaged seeds actually do expire in this new science fair project idea.

Garbage Plants

Science fair project which determines whether plants are able to get enough nutrients from different types of garbage.

The Growth Rate Of Pre-packaged Seeds vs. Seeds From Directly Inside the Fruit or Vegetable

Watch pre-packaged seeds and seeds taken from inside fruits and vegetables grow. Which ones will grow faster? Read more in this science fair project idea.

Can New Plants Be Made Without Seeds?

This science fair project idea explores plant growth from a bulb, root, and a stem and investigates asexual plant reproduction.

How Do Seeds Hitchhike?

This science fair project examines how seeds hitchhike on animals and clothing.

The Photosynthesis Process and the Importance of Leaves

The objective of this science fair project is to study the photosynthesis process and demonstrate the important role that leaves play in the process.

Transpiration Experiment

In this enlightening transpiration experiment, kids will explore how the loss of water from plants through transpiration contributes to the water cycle.

Effect of Temperature on Sugar Production

In this science fair project, students examine how temperature affects sugar transport within a plant.

How Does Water Travel Up the Root of a Plant?

This science fair project explores how osmotic pressure forces water through the root up into the plant.

Does The Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?

This science fair project idea determines if the color of light affects the growth of plants.

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