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Diamante Poems

Got a budding poet under your wing? Help her practice parts of speech by writing a diamante poem, or a diamond poem.

Cinquain Poems

Not all poetry is about rhyming and rhythm! Have some fun writing cinquain poems with your child, short poems based on parts of speech.

Robert Frost Rhyme Scheme

What better time to learn how to rhyme? Try this worksheet; it'll be sweet! Your child can learn rhyme scheme using this famous Robert Frost poem.

How to Haiku

Do you know how to haiku? This haiku worksheet gives your budding poet practice with counting syllables and noticing the role of rhythm in poetry.

Nature Haiku

Haiku poetry is great for capturing the idea of nature, and this worksheet helps your young poet make the connection.

Write a Haiku

Take a stab at haiku poetry with this free-form haiku writing worksheet. All you need is imagination and a pen!

Nonsense Words

Kids love nonsense, in case you haven't already noticed, and this wacky worksheet will work your wonderful wordsmith into a nonsense whirlwind.

Make Nonsense

Let's make some nonsense! Using "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, a poem famous for its otherworldly wacky words, your child makes his own nonsense.

Rhythm and Rhyme in Poetry

Your young poet can review the important concepts of rhyme and rhythm by completing some practice exercises based on this poem.

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