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Spot the Difference: 4th of July

Set your student on the case in this spot-the-difference activity.

Flower Garden Coloring Page

This flower garden coloring page is packed with cute crawlies: fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees, and tiny creeping caterpillars.

Pre-Kindergarten Sight Words: We to Yes

Help your child learn simple sight words with colorful word flash cards! Sight words are common words like "why" and "who" that are difficult to sound out.

Amazing Tree Maze

What keeps trees, big and small, from falling over? Their roots! Take a peek with this amazing tree maze!

Color the Healthy Lunch!

This back to school coloring page features a sandwich, banana, yogurt and milk.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a blast this 4th of July with a fun coloring page for you and your child to share!

Make a Team of Hand-in-Hand Protesters

Discuss the civil rights movement with your second grader as she cuts and decorates her own team of protesters with this hand-in-hand cut out project.

4th of July Tic-Tac-Toe #3

Celebrate the 4th of July with this Independence Day tic-tac-toe game! Put a spin on the traditional game with firework and drum markers.

Fourth of July Dot-to-Dot 1

Here's a quick and easy way to have your child review the alphabet: connect the dots and she'll have a 4th of July coloring page too!

Print a Paper Picture Frame for Mother's Day

Mom will love this hand-decorated paper picture frame for Mother's Day.

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