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Fill in Missing Numbers

This worksheet gives your child great counting practice and gest her familiar with some of the bigger numbers that she's learned.

Number Order: What Comes After?

How well does your kid know number order? Test his skills with this number sequencing worksheet.

Less or More Than 30

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with number values? This printable will practice his math skills.

Counting Challenge: 1-50

Can your first grader count from 1 to 50? Test his counting and writing skills with this colorful printable.

Missing Numbers: Counting Bee

Kids find the missing numbers to complete the honeycomb number grid. This first grade math worksheet helps kids practice counting whole numbers to 100.

Missing Numbers: Counting to 100

Help your child practice his math skills with this printable worksheet, which will help him count up to 100.

Missing Numbers: At the Pond

Find the missing numbers at the pond in this Freddy the Frog worksheet. Work with your child to find the even missing numbers in this exercise.

Counting Numbers: 50-100

Is your first grader clever at counting? This space-themed printable encourages practice with the numbers from 50 to 100.

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