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St. Patrick's Day Subtraction #1

Collect all of these lucky clovers by solving each subtraction problem! Your little math whiz can practice memorizing his subtraction facts.

Subtraction Surprise #1

Is your first grader in need of a subtraction surprise? This colorful worksheet will make him want to practice math!

What's the Answer? Addition and Subtraction

Looking to test your kid's addition and subtraction skills? Ask him to help this elf find the correct answer to each problem.

Coloring Subtraction: Sky Scene

Help your child with his math skills with this printable worksheet, which will give him practice with simple subtraction.

Coloring Subtraction: Underwater Scene

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with his math skills? This coloring printable will give him practice with simple subtraction.

Simple Subtraction Pears

This math worksheet offers great subtraction practice to your child for a mathematical boost in learning.

Stepping Stone Subtraction

Make subtraction fun with this maze. Help your student with double and single digit subtraction problems as he makes his way through the stepping stones.

Basketball Math

Bring your a-game to this subtraction worksheet, and see how many subtraction problems you can solve!

Subtraction Surprise #20

Give your first grader a subtraction surprise with this colorful math worksheet!

Subtraction Surprise #14

This colorful subtraction printable will give your first grader a breath of fresh air, containing bright colors and space to check his work with tally marks.

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