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Place Value/ greater than less than/ ordering

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Practice Test: Number Order

Go over number order with your second grader with this nifty practice test.

Number Order

This worksheet presents a whole new, wacky way to learn number order.

Add and Compare #4

With a lesson on comparing numbers using the greater than and less than symbols, this 2nd grade math worksheet adds an extra dimension to addition practice.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To? #3

Don't get crabby about counting! This cute crab is here to help you learn your "greater than" (>) and "less than" (<) symbols for comparing numbers.

Place Value Lessons: What Am I?

Give your child some valuable place value lessons with a brightly-colored worksheet that will have her number guessing and identifying throughout its entirety.

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

Try this tens, ones, and hundreds worksheet for extra place value practice

Practice Test: Place Value

Help your second grader review place value with this quick practice quiz.

Place Value: Expanding Numbers

Kids practice place value by expanding numbers and smashing them back together again.

Place Value: Numbers, Numbers

For each four-digit number on this second grade math worksheet, kids determine the place value of each digit.

Practice Place Value

Test your child's grasp of place value with this 2nd grade math worksheet. Your child must write out the place value of each number in numerals and in words.

Reading Place Value: Ones, Tens and Hundreds

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with place values? This printable will flex his math skills.

Place Value Test

Get back on track with this place value test focusing on the tens and ones place.

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