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Spanish Word Fiesta

Stumped on a Spanish language worksheet? This mini dictionary is here to help!

"La" or "El"

The question of "la" versus "el" often stumps beginning Spanish speakers. Learn a few exceptions to the general rule with this helpful list.

Nouns in Spanish

Did you know that in the Spanish language, nouns have a gender? Learn when to use the articles "el" or "la" with nouns in Spanish.

Landforms in Spanish

Get some Spanish practice with this nature-themed worksheet full of familiar landforms.

Birds in Spanish

Don't let that Spanish vocabulary fly away! Give your kid some practice with Spanish words for different type of birds with this matching worksheet.

Fruits in Spanish

Test your kid's Spanish vocabulary and see if he can match fruits with their Spanish words. If he gets it right, celebrate with "una ensalada de fruta."

Vegetables in Spanish

Learn the words for different vegetables in Spanish! Use the words provided and match them with the correct vegetable picture.

Partes del Cuerpo

Learn los partes del cuerpo, or "the parts of the body" in Spanish! Students can practice the spelling and proper pronunciation of basic body parts.

School Words in Spanish

What kinds of words to we use in the Spanish classroom? Build your vocabulary with this list of school-related words in Spanish.

"Hay" in Spanish

Hay tantas palabras! There are so many words! Learn to use the verb "haber", most commonly conjugated as "hay", in Spanish.

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