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Dictionary Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt gets kids comfortable using the dictionary, and makes looking up words a lot of fun!

Wall of Fame: Make a Reading "Star Chart"

Here is a way to help your first grader keep track of the books she has read, and also help her develop some critical thinking skills.

Questions, Anyone? Ask Your Way to Reading Comprehension

Help your child gain reading comprehension skills, as well as listening and memory skills with this fun activity that uses his favorite book!

Basic Reading Comprehension

Try this simple activity to stimulate some very complex thinking with your first grader to develop those all-important reading and comprehension skills.

Reading Rewards

Here's a motivational kit that lets your emerging reader know you're with him for the whole wild ride.

Tea Reading

Delight your first grader by combining a reading activity with a fun "tea party" as she unscrambles cut-up words in a tea bag to form sentences and stories.

Fox in Socks-Inspired Tongue Twister Contest

Try your hand at some Seuss-like tongue twisters! Boost those vocabulary skills with this fun game for the whole family.

Grocery Store Decoding

Try this brand name phonics activity to help your child build up his language arts skills.

Nonsense Book

Helping your child learn to read doesn't only have to mean using books from the library or from the store. You can make a book of your own - a nonsense book!

Make a Double "ee" Eel to Practice Phonics!

Here's a rainy day phonics craft project for you and your first grader. Reel in those double "ee" words on this do-it-yourself eel!

Pin the Tail on the Silent E Word!

Silent "e" words are a big part of first grade phonics. Help them turn words like "hop" to "hope" in this action-packed, practical game.

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