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Autumn Leaves Glue Craft

This simple and seasonal kid activity turns glue and food coloring into beautiful autumn leaves that will last forever.

Homemade Face Paint

Homemade face paint is a safe and economical way to jazz up your Halloween costume. Even better, this easy-to-make face paint requires just three ingredients!

Shaving Cream Paintings

Blend art and science in this hands-on activity that shows your kindergartener how primary colors combine to make secondary colors.

Marbled Paper

This fun marbled paper craft uses things you're likely to have around your house, and it teaches kids some simple chemistry too!

Ink Art

Take advantage of the fact that ink and water don't mix and introduce your kid to suminagashi, a Japanese form of art.

Make an Oil Sun Catcher

Make an eye catching sun catcher with your child that not only brightens any window but also builds his fine motor skills and creativity.

Mystery Paint

Here's a fun and magical art activity, where kids paint an invisible picture that can only be revealed when painted over with watercolors!

Paint a Fall Leaf Tablecloth

Put those fall leaves to use with this fun art activity. Kids paint and print leaves, to make a beautiful tablecloth, perfect for your next fall celebration.

Paint with Ice

In this fun activity, frozen cubes of paint provide your preschooler with a cool new way to paint a masterpiece.

Kid Friendly Batik: No Wax Required!

Batik is a fabric dying technique usually done with hot wax. This flour-and-water method is kid-safe and easy, and it creates beautiful batik designs.

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