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Noun and Verb Agreement

Build better writing habits in your 5th grader with this helpful review on subject-verb agreement. He'll review singular and plural nouns and verbs.

Grammar Review: Adjectives

Give your 5th grader a great review of her parts of speech, starting with some awesome adjectives!

Sentence Diagramming: Prepositions

Your young writer will learn how to position prepositional phrases in a sentence diagram with this grammar sheet.

Which vs. That

Help your child get a grasp on the difference between which and that, and will help him tame this common grammar mix-up!

Grammar Review: Articles

Does your child know her parts of speech? Here's a great review of articles (or determiners), which are technically a type of adjective!

Grammar Review: Nouns

How well does your student know his parts of speech? Give him a great review of nouns with this comprehensive sheet.

"A" or "An"

Teach your child the difference between "a" and "an", two of the three main determiners in the English language.

Winter Writing: No Verbs

Review parts of speech and sentence structure with a fun and creative writing exercise. Try writing a descriptive scene using no verbs!

Cracking the Essay Question

How can you get your child started if they're totally stumped? All it takes is a solid plan, man. Here's how to get started.

Essay Editing 101

"CUPS" is a useful tool when helping your student edit a writing piece. Plus, it's an activity you can do together!

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