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Social Studies

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Which State Am I?

Test your fifth grader's geography savvy by challenging him to this printable name the state guessing game.

Mississippi River Board Game

This challenging board game combines states and capitals trivia with history of the Mississippi River system.

American Revolution Game

Bring the American Revolution to life with this board game, a fun way to test your child's knowledge of geography and historical facts.

The Midnight Ride Game

Outrun the British in this race across the Massachusetts countryside that's based on the ride that sparked the American Revolution.

Engage Your 5th Grade Traveler!

This activity with add some fun and education to long car trips. Perfect for family vacations!

President Match

Test your kid's knowledge of presidents one through forty-four with this fun and educational matching game!

Game Show Fun for the Whole Family

This fun and easy quiz show game will help your fifth grader memorize and study vocabulary from his math, science, social studies, and language arts classes!

Pan de Muerto Recipe

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos by baking pan de muerto. In this 5th-6th grade activity, your child will explore another culture while learning about baking.

How to Make a Loom

Celebrate our nation's colonial history by making your very own weaving loom!

Create a Comic Strip

Communicating using the written word doesn't have to be tough! It can be as simple and fun as composing a comic strip.

Play Vocabulary Bingo!

Looking for a way to make vocab practice a little more engaging? This easy twist on the classic game is a great way to build your child's vocabulary.

Light the Kinara!

Introduce your fifth grader to the Kinara, part of the Kwanzaa tradition, by playing this fast-paced, two player game!

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