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Color the Earth Day Planet

Help your child celebrate Earth Day with this simple coloring page, which features a planet with the message "Happy Earth Day."

Punctuate the Story: Earth Day

Put proper punctuation into practice with these read-along stories.

Protecting Forests

Teach your child how to respect the ecosystem with a science worksheet that doubles as a coloring page. Can he identify the sources of pollution in the scene?

Animal Homes in Trees

Hug a tree! It can be a home to many different animals. Can you identify the different shelters used by animals in this picture?

Celebrate Trees with a Coloring Activity

Let's talk about trees! Help your child use Earth Day as an excuse to praise the woody perennials that hardly ever get the recognition they deserve.

Protecting the Rainforest

The rainforest is a vibrant, lush place teaming with life! Have your little environmentalist think of some ways to help the rainforest.

Recycling Paper Process

How do you make recycled paper? Learn all about the recycling paper process on this informative worksheet.

5 Ways to Conserve Water

Can you and your child come up with a few ways to conserve water in your home? This printable starts you off with five ways to conserve water.

Color the Garbage Man

Have your preschooler color in this picture of a garbage man and help her get to know the people in her neighborhood.

Color a Car: Garbage Truck

This coloring worksheet features a garbage collector and his trash truck.

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